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521 Horsepower BMW 1M RS by Tuningwerk

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Tuningwerk BMW 1M RS wallpaper exterior front details

Perhaps some of you might think, "this is a racing car!" Close enough but not that close. For your information, this is completely road-legal 1M with a huge power that good enough to race on tracks. From Germany-based tuning company Tuningwerk, a so-called the BMW 1M RS, up with a complete racing livery and 521 PS turbo engine.

The total power noted at 521PS (388kW) and 614 Nm torque at 2800 rpm out from the 1M RS' 3 liter 6 cylinder Bi-Turbo, thanks to revised ECU and turbochargers as well as the adding of a titanic exhaust system and an upgraded cooling system. According to the tuner, this kind of modifications for BMW 1-series can push to the top speed up to 300 km/h.

Tuningwerk BMW 1M RS front angle view

Here are the official specs:

Technical highlights of 1er M RS


- The 1erM RS is a perfect compromise between Raceground and Street car entirely reprofiled and reworked engine
- Rear axe gear unit changed to a ratio of 3.25 - optional 3.45
- Differential: reprofiled for perfect fit for the power/weight ratio Drexler Differential
- Reprofiled cooling with a 2nd oilcooler
- Titan Exhaust system
- Reprofiled stable clunch (no Raceing Clutch, also good driving on the street and in the city) - optional Racing Clutch
- If it is meant for racing, depending at FIA, there are no modifications of the roll cage necessary
- Reduction of rotating parts
- Door trim panel and all other trim are OEM (further weight reduction possible)
- Carbon doors and plastic sheaves are possible (only with roll cage)
- Carbon bonnet
- Carbon rear deck
- Carbon rear spoiler
- Carbon GT4 front lip
- RECARO PolePosition ABE Carbon
- Suspension: KW ClubSport 3fach optional H&R Stabilisators (soft)
- 370er Movit Steal brakes - optional 380er CarbonCeramic
- Alloy rims: ATS Superlight (forged) VA = 9 x 19" HA = 10 x 19" alternativ ATS Crosslight (FlowForming) VA = 9 x 19" HA = 10 x 19"

Performance Characteristics:

- 3 liter 6 cylinder Bi-Turbo
- Modified stable clutch
- 300 km/h Topspeed (depends on tyres!)
- 521PS / 388kW
- 614 Nm Toerque at 2800 rpm
- Acceleration: no informations at this time
- Fuel Super Plus 98 Octan or higher

Tuningwerk BMW 1M RS side view

And the last, for this project, Tuningwerk would be done it, along with a 119,000 euro out from your pocket. More details, visit the tuner as simply as you hit the source's link below.

Source: Tuningwerk

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